Over the years internationalism has always been a central feature of the Bloody Sunday commemorative events.

In 2015 we focus on various struggles against injustice, from Ferguson Missouri to Guantanamo Bay, from Long Kesh and the ‘Hooded Men’ to the struggle against the on-going imprisonment of the Craigavon Two.

The 10 day series of events aims to provide a focus for discussion around a range of domestic and international campaigns, including a discussion on the recent referendum on Scottish Independence through to the current housing crisis in the North, the lessons of the campaigns against austerity and neo liberal economic policies North and South and the behaviour of State forces in Missouri and elsewhere.

The aim of the organizers is to help build resistance and foster fraternal links across various campaigns. The first major event of the programme will discuss the implications of the ‘Stormont Agreement’ on the on-going struggle for justice for the Bloody Sunday campaign.

Our theme of RESIST! will be the subject of one of the flagship events to be held on Saturday at 12noon at Pilots Row and we would encourage your participation in the debate.

Speakers include the Reverend Osagyefo Sekou, Missouri USA who has been prominent in the campaign on behalf of the family of Michael Brown, the black unarmed teenager killed by a white police officer in his hometown of Ferguson. Joining him will be Independent TD for Donegal South West Thomas Pringle who is a vocal and high profile opponent of the suggested introduction of water charges in the South. This event will be followed by a second panel discussion at 2.30 pm in Pilots Row with columinists Brian Feeney and Patrick Murphy from the Irish News and Kitty Holland from the Irish Times who will explore the theme of ‘The State We’re In’.


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23rd Dec 2015

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31st Jan 2015


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