An injustice to one is an injustice to all

One of the reasons why we continue to march for the truth about Bloody Sunday is that we have come too far to stop now.

Over the course of the 48 years since murder erupted in blood around Rossville Street many have peeled away and pulled out of the campaign.

People have their lives to live, families to care for, problems of their own.

Some lost hope of the rulers of Britain ever allowing light to fall on the facts. Others came to accept a political argument that the pursuit of truth might endanger peace.

But the case for continuing to march becomes ever stronger with the passing of the years.

Conservative politicians talk endlessly about “legacy issues” and “dealing with the past.” But they don’t want their own past laid out for inspection.

Inquests are denied, evidence destroyed, witnesses intimidated. Perjury is the native language of all imperialist endeavours.

The political and military elite rises up in anger at a handful of lower-rank soldiers being charged for offences. But the only injustice involved lies precisely in the fact that it’s the lower ranks being put in the frame. Top-rank killers like General Michael Jackson continue to walk the streets in the clear light of day.

All across the world, power plots to tramp truth down. The relentless Israeli slaughter of Palestinians for wanting to live in their own country, the containment of the Uigar people in Chinese concentration camps, the Saudi/US/UK bomb assault on Yemen – in each of these and many more, what the officialdom fears most is truth.

The Bloody Sunday march has always included the bereaved of these atrocities, too, in our remit.

Political violence is never totally one-sided. But crimes like Bloody Sunday have a singular significance. When the State sends soldiers out to kill citizens, it must be held to account. Otherwise, what can democracy mean?

The march is open to everyone, irrespective of politics or any other aspect of life.

We march for justice in the Bogside with everywhere in mind.

“An injustice to one is an injustice to all”


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