The Possibility of Justice

Everyone who strives for the possibility of justice wants the full truth about Bloody Sunday to be out. Thankfully due to analysis, good journalism, citizen struggle and persistence, incrementally, it is being dragged into the light. We must continue to pressure the authorities here and across the water to come clean about the role of British secret police in the period leading up to the massacre.

Can anyone still believe that Lord Saville’s report provided a full and fair account of how the Derry civil rights march descended into carnage?

Evidence this week at the “SpyCops” inquiry in London revealed that the march organisers had been infiltrated by agents of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, a secret group within the Metropolitan Police. We are entitled to know what role this group played.

They were obviously part of the cover-up, concealing their own actions and allowing what they must have known were lies to go unchecked.

Almost half a century after the slaughter citizens still have to fight for the truth to be told even though it generally means being denounced as extremists, dissidents and worse.

The basic question arising from the current inquiry in London is simple. We know that one agent, “Sean Lynch,” was active in the civil rights association at the time. How many more were there? What part did they play?

Never mind what they got up to – why wasn’t even their existence revealed to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry?

In 14 months time, it will be half a century since the murders. That much truth has been dragged into the light. Dragging only one of the guilty, soldier F with it?

On account of the pandemic, we don’t know yet what form next January’s events and march will take. But events, during the week beginning the 25th January 2021, and some form of symbolic march, on Sunday 31st January 2021, will take place. It is important for the possibility of justice that they do.

As details are confirmed for the week’s programme of events they will appear on the Bloody Sunday March for Justice website at:

Press Statement issued on International Human Rights Day, 2020 (10th December)

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