Bloody Sunday March Committee

On the 26th January 1974, Bridget Bond of the ‘Derry Civil Rights Association’ unveiled the monument to the victims of Bloody Sunday. Its inscription reads, “Their epitaph is in the continuing struggle for democracy”.

Implicit in this is the recognition that democracy will always be a conflict resolving-process striving against sectional interests for the ideals of justice and human rights. This necessitates an active informed citizenry and inclusive educational spaces where issues of concern can be raised, reflected on, and democratic actions initiated.

In the spirit of that understanding this committee has formed to oversee the organisation of an annual ‘March For Justice’ and associated educational/cultural events on and around the Sunday nearest the 30th January each year.

These will continue to focus on the cause of justice for the victims of Bloody Sunday together with other human rights and social justice issues we face into at that moment (be that at a local, national or international level) thereby breathing life into the cause they died struggling for.

In organising the events we will strive to create inclusive non sectarian spaces where the complex issues of justice arising from the violent political conflict in and about ‘Northern Ireland’ and the many other complex social issues facing us can be freely addressed.

The march itself will continue to act as inclusive platform for the many seemingly disparate ongoing campaigns concerning the people of these islands and beyond, a moment to come together, make connections and raise our issues in solidarity.

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