It’s Never Too Late For The Truth

We know now that there were spies on the civil rights march which ended in massacre 49 years ago.

The State sees every campaign for the rights of the people as a threat to its power. State agents are sent in to snuff out the challenge.

The “SpyCops” inquiry has revealed that MI5 agent “Sean Lynch” was operating within the march organisers, the NI Civil Rights Association, since the late 1960s. His successors are still prowling among us.

Even after almost half a century campaigning and two public inquiries, the top-brass ringleaders of the atrocity in the Bogside have not been brought to book.

It is for this reason that we refused to join with others in saying after Saville that “this is as good as it gets.” We won’t let up until the full truth is laid out for the people to see. We owe this not just to the bereaved of Bloody Sunday but to the families of all those martyred across the world in the endless struggle for justice.

What message would we send to the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and thousands of others if we were to signal that we accept the bit of truth that we have managed to drag out from the British ruling class as full and final settlement of the debt in suffering which they owe to the ordinary people of the North?

From Memphis to Gaza by way of Bloody Sunday, we are all one as we march forward with eyes fixed on a shining future in which truth is the only law-giver.


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