Pilots Row Community Centre – Sports Hall

Rossville Street, Derry

12pm – 5pm

Derry will host the 8th annual Derry Radical Bookfair in Rossville Street. The Bookfair has become an annual event in the heart of the Bogside. Hundreds of people take part from the city and across country, as well as many international supporters who wouldn’t miss it.

The Radical Bookfair has grown both in name and in numbers making it an important annual political event on the calendar for many. We try to ensure local independent book sellers and publishers are represented as well as political publishers and distributors from across country play part of this amazing one-day event.

Throughout the day, we always have a constant stream of participants from native politicos to political tourists, and the curious book lovers on the hunt for something new or old of interest.

The Bookfair will host a broad range of stalls from a local or national interest, on feminism or queer politics, to republicanism, Marxism and of course anarchism. Likewise, we also have a great mixture of book launches, talks or discussions which compliments the book and information stalls presented.

At a time when the world seems to be going down the tubes socially, environmentally, or politically, it’s vital that we create a space, such as the Derry Radical Bookfair, so that those seeking a way out of this chaos can arm themselves with ideas to create a new world beyond what we’re currently being subjected to.


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