Assemble at Creggan Shops, Central Drive at 2.30pm

Main Speaker:  Huda Ammori

Huda Ammori is co-founder of the direct-action network, Palestine Action. Huda is a Palestinian/Iraqi and has conducted extensive research and campaigns targeting British complicity with Israeli apartheid.

Huda was part of the group known as the Elbit 8 who in a landmark court case recently secured 12 ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts relating to the occupation of Elbit Systems drone factory in Shenstone and Oldham; actions at its weaponry factory in Kent, actions at Elbit’s London Offices and the offices of Elbit’s Landlords.

Following the verdicts Huda commented that

“After pushing back our case for two years, the state have failed again to deter an ever growing global direct-action movement.”

“Every day we’ve been on trial, more Palestinians have been massacred using Elbit weaponry. The duty of the people is clear – to take all direct action possible to Shut Elbit Down wherever you are. Justice will be complete when Palestine is free”

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