Programme 2013

 End Impunity

The overarching theme of the forthcoming Bloody Sunday march, and associated events, film screenings etc. is “End Impunity”.

Below is a summary of each event that has been confirmed.  Details of more events may follow in the coming weeks.  For full details click the title or use the drop down menu.

  1. Coverup (Panel Discussion) This event will compare and contrast four coverups that have frustrated the cause of justice on these islands: Bloody Sunday, the criminalisation of minors at what became know as the Battle of Orgreave, Hillsborough, and the Child Sexual Abuse scandal in the republic.
  2. End Impunity (Panel Discussion) This event will look at the achievements that have been won through the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and the prospects for justice for those whose guilt has been pretty much established and those who have yet to have an official finger pointing at them.
  3.  Ailliliú Fionnuala (Drama) A new solo performance by acclaimed actor/writer Donal O’Kelly.  Donal is known internationally for his talent for making audiences laugh and think.  So this is a chance to be entertained and informed about the powerful nine year campaign of non-violent resistance by a Mayo Community opposed to Shell’s corporate take-over of their region.
  4. Sunday (Film Screening) Jimmy McGovern’s powerful drama-documentary film telling the community story of Bloody Sunday.
  5. The Battle of Orgreave (Film Screening) Channel 4’s documentary of this pivotal moment in the minors strike in 1984 which includes dramatic re-enactments of its key events will screen at the Nerve Centre.  Q & A afterwards with Dave Douglass who was present on the day and narrates the film.
  6. Hillsborough (Film Screening) Jimmy McGovern’s powerful depiction of the events and coverup of the Hillsborough disaster will be screened at the Nerve Centre Cinema.  Q & A afterwards with Jenny Hicks who lost two daughters Sarah and Victoria in the disaster