Launch of the Exhibition on the Disappeared

On Monday 27 Jan 2014 at 7:30 we launched  the Exhibition on the Disappeared.  There was a palpable air of deep respect and solidarity in the room as members of Bloody Sunday families met members of the families of the Disappeared for the first time.  Below is a video of that event. Unfortunately the image deteriorates somewhat towards the end as the camera lens was cold and the room warm.  Hopefully this does not detract too much from the importance of what is being said:

Given the theme of this year’s March it was very fitting that this exhibition was displayed as part of our schedule of events.   Of the many ongoing injustices as a result of the conflict here, that of the seven families who have yet to recover the bodies of their loved ones is one that cries out to be brought to its natural conclusion.

We were honoured to host the exhibition and to be able to facilitate and support the families in a small way in their quest for justice.

The exhibition is now going to tour other areas of the country.