Clare Daly – Out of the Shadows Panel – Derry 30 January 2016

Clare Daly TD represents the working class communities of North Dublin in in Dail Eireann. A founding member of the United Left Alliance she was recently instrumental in exposing malpractice within the South’s Garda Siochana through her support of a Garda whistle blower. In addition to her involvement in many other campaigns on social justice issues, including supporting the campaign to stop the US military using Shannon airport, she continues to be active in the South’s anti-water charges campaign.


  • Problems with the Gardai: 00:51
  • Garda Whistleblower: 02:26
  • Water Charges & Policing: 04:15
  • Surveillance: 09:14
  • My arrest: 11:05
  • Cynthia Owen Case & Others: 13:05

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