A panel discussion exploring the legacy of the conflict here with a particular focus on families experiences of the various truth and justice mechanisms employed by the British state. More specifically, given the current impasse on conflict related inquests

This first ever Radical Book Fair organised as part of this year’s Bloody Sunday events by Derry Radical Bookfair Collective  will play host to 12 booksellers from all over Ireland and beyond. Offering books of local, national and international interests including social and labour history as

The Patronising Disposition of Unaccountable Power

Despite its façade of democracy far too many communities throughout the UK and Ireland are faced with the giant trio of oppression: Injustice, Inequality and Poverty.

Whilst some seminal campaigns, namely Bloody Sunday, Hillsborough & the Stephen Lawrence Campaign, have sought to hold the state to account, these ‘victories’ have not led to the kind of root and branch change in society that many expected.

This panel discussion event, which will give voice to the experiences of Ireland’s most oppressed minority, the Travelling community. Over the course of the recent presidential election campaign in the South the whole country witnessed highly controversial and ‘border-line racist’