The Past Is Present

Event Details

A photograph of key TaRP members on the day it was foundedWe are honoured to co-host this event with Truth And Reconciliation Platform (TaRP).

TaRP, was established by Stephen Travers and Eugene Reavey both of whom are all too familiar with the ever present nature of the consequences of violence.  Stephen Travers is a survivor of The Miami Showband Massacre of (1975) while Eugene Reavey lost three of his brothers in a night of sectarian mayhem that also stole the lives of three neighbours all members of the O’Dowd family (1976).

Speaking about the events TaRP organise Stephen Travers said,

“I am convinced, now more than ever, that there is not a more efficient deterrent to violence, a more effective antidote to radicalisation or a more valuable instrument of reconciliation than the testimony of the victim… The doctrine of violence as an instrument of change must be exposed for the folly that it is.”

The format of the ‘presentations’ the group stage begin by hearing directly from a number of victims before opening up to the floor to give others, regardless of their political, religious or cultural background, an opportunity to speak for themselves; to tell their own story – in their own words.  It is in the spirit of a commitment to deepening the peace we have managed to build that TaRP stages these presentations across the island.

On the night itself Stephen Travers and Eugene Reavey will be two of the four speakers whose testimonies will begin the event.  They will be joined by Alan McBride and Ann Morgan.  Alan lost his wife Sharon in the Shankill bomb (1993), and Ann is the sister of Seamus Ruddy (one of ‘The Disappeared’).

The event will be chaired by Kate Nash. Kate’s brother William Nash was shot dead by British paratroopers on Bloody Sunday, and her father Alex shot and wounded at the rubble barricade trying to go the the aid of his son.