Radical Book Fair

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Derry Radical Bookfair

Derry Radical Bookfair

This first ever Radical Book Fair organised as part of this year’s Bloody Sunday events by Derry Radical Bookfair Collective  will play host to 12 booksellers from all over Ireland and beyond.

Offering books of local, national and international interests including social and labour history as well as themes covering radical feminism, queer liberation, anarchism, marxism, republicanism and environmentalism it will offer reading materials hard if not impossible to find at mainstream book shops.

Dr Emit O'Connor

It is a shot in the arm to Derry’s own radical history.  In the docks the men organised, in the factories the women unionised and on the streets the people mobilised tearing down the walls around those who would prefer to see us in divided.

bob brownAs well as the the events taking place directly as part of the Bloody Sunday programme itself, Derry Radical Bookfair will host three talks in the Bookfair Hall.  Two are on recently published books. The third honours the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party with speaker and founder member Bob Brown:

  • Derry labour in the age of agitation with Dr. Emmet O’Connor
    • Speakers Corner, Main Hall, Pilots Row 1pm – 2pm
  • Revolution in Rojava
    • Speakers Corner, Main Hall, Pilots Row 2pm – 3pm
  • Honouring the 50th Anniversary of Black Panther Party with Bob Brown
    • Speakers Corner, Main Hall, Pilots Row 3pm – 4pm

Venue: Pilots Row Community Centre,

Admission: Free