Panel Discussion: You’ll Never Walk Alone

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This event will contrast the experiences and the struggles of three very different campaigns in pursuit of truth and justice.

Photograph of Sheila Coleman

Sheila Coleman, Hillsborough Justice Campaign

Having campaigned for many years, suffering deep disappointments along the way and having only relatively recently come through a gruelling inquest process where the jury returned a unanimous verdict of ‘Unlawful Killing’, Sheila Coleman, Hillsborough Justice Campaign, will talk about the Liverpool families long running campaign for truth and justice for the 96.

Photograph of Marcia Rigg

Marcia Rigg of United Families & Friends Campaign

Marcia Rigg’s brother Sean died in Brixton police station in August 2008 after being held in a state of prolonged restraint by police officers.  Marcia will talk about her families campaign for their brother and her work with the London based ‘United Families & Friends Campaign’, which is a coalition of those affected by the deaths of their loved ones in: police, prison and psychiatric custody and which offers support to others throughout Britain in similar situations.

Raymond McCord

Raymond McCord outside Belfast High Court

Belfast man Raymond McCord has been campaigning since 1997 following the murder of his son Raymond junior by the loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF).  Deeply angered and frustrated by the lack of interest coming from unionists politicians within his own community Raymond went on to carry out his own investigation, discovering that the murder of his son Raymond junior had been sanctioned by North Belfast UVF commander Mark Haddock.  Later discovering that Haddock was a police informer who wasn’t questioned for the killing of his son, Raymond McCord is one of the few voices within the unionist community who has publicly spoken out against collusion between the security forces and loyalist organisations.

Venue: City Hotel (Alexander Suite)

Admission: Free