Film + Q&A: Police: Shooting to Kill.

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Mark Duggan shot by the London  Metropolitan Police.

Mark Duggan shot by the London Metropolitan Police.

Screening of recently broadcast BBC Panorama documentary:

   Police: Shooting to Kill?

Running time 30 mins

Stafford Scott will put the programme in context and after the screening will field a Question and Answer session.  Stafford Scott is co-ordinator of Tottenham RIGHTS, he co-founded the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign in 1985.

He will give an insight into the context and alarming events surrounding the killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, London in 2011.

He will also talk about the reaction to what he himself described as a perverse and contradictory inquest verdict” of  Lawful Killing  which was given just two weeks ago.  

Stafford Scott is regularly cited in newspapers such as the Guardian and the London Independent as a spokesman for his community.


Admission: Free

 Venue: Pilots Row