March & Rally @ FDW

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Sunday’s march and rally will focus on the role and responsibility of the top British officers and politicians who organised, ordered and implemented the January 30th1972 massacre in the Bogside and then concocted a lying cover story to hide the truth from the world.

The Bloody Sunday March Committee calls for responsibility for the killings to be laid at the door not only of those who pulled the triggers but of those who ordered that the triggers be pulled.

These include General Sir Frank Kitson,Belfast commander at the time, author of the standard British Army “anti-terrorist manual, “Low Intensity Operations,” who sent the Paras to Derry to “police” the civil rights march.

General Sir Robert Ford, Commander of Land Forces Northern Ireland, who stood at the bottom of William Street on the fringe of the Bogside on the day shouting “Go on the Paras!“ as the killers poured through a barbed-wire barricade into the Bogside.

General Sir Michael Jackson, second in command of the 1stBattalion, Parachute regiment on the ground on the day who personally drafted and wrote out in his own hand the cover story, which was to become the standard British account of the Bloody Sunday killings.

And British Conservative Prime Minister of the day, Sir Edward Heath.

Banner of Sir Frank Kitson - Guilty.

On the evidence General Sir Frank Kitson should have been found Guilty.

Photograph of General Sir Robert Ford - Guilty

On the evidence General Sir Robert Ford should have been found Guilty.

picture of banner of General Sir Mike Jackson - Guilty

On the evidence General Sir Mike Jackson should be charged with murder.

Banner of Heath Guilty!

On the evidence General Edward Heath should have been found Guilty.

Speakers include:

photograph of Kathleen McCarry

Kathleen McCarry, sister of Eddie Doherty murdered in Ballymurphy.



Kathleen McCarry (sister of Eddie Doherty), Ballymurphy Massacre Campaign





Bernadette McAliskey Bloody Sunday March Committee

Guest International Speaker: Hazem Jamjoum (Palestinian BDS & ‘Right Of Return’ campaigns)



Chair: Kate Nash (sister of William Nash), Bloody Sunday March Committee