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Picture of the banner for the 2019 Bloody Sunday march, calling for the jailing of Sir Michael Jackson

This panel discussion event, the title of which echo’s this year’s March For Justice poster, will place the British army’s General Sir Mike Jackson at the centre of two seminal events in the recent history of political conflict in Ireland.

The Ballymurphy Massacre happened in August 1971 in West Belfast over a period of three days following the introduction of Internment without trial across the north.  Members of the 1st battalion of the Parachute regiment shot and killed 10 people and an eleventh person died as a result of a heart attack.

Bloody Sunday happened in Derry just 5 months later on the 30th January 1972.  The same battalion and most probably the same soldiers were involved in shooting 28 people in Derry, 13 of whom died on Bloody Sunday and a fourteenth person later died as result of gun shot wounds.

The event will explore Jackson’s link with both massacres and in particular will focus on his pivotal role in fabricating the state’s cover story for its army’s murderous actions on Bloody Sunday.


Eamonn McCann and Kate Nash at the Launch of the Bloody Sunday March Committee's 2015 programme of events to mark Bloody SundayEamonn McCann, Bloody Sunday March Committee







Liam Wray, (Brother of Jim Wray) Bloody Sunday March Committee





Janet Donnelly (Daughter of Joseph Murphy) Ballymurphy Massacre Campaign

Legal speaker TBC

Chair: TBC

Venue: Pilots Row Community Centre, Rossville St.