Imprisonment Without Trial, Ireland, Catalonia, Palestine

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The opening event of this year’s BSMC’s programme will explore the corruption of democracy both here in the north of Ireland, in Catalonia, and in Palestine, by the use of various forms of imprisonment without trial.  

Big Issue Becomes Small: Internment
Speakers include:
Photograph of Francie McGuigan, one of the "Hooded Men".Francie McGuiggan
Francie is a former Long Kesh internee who was one of 14 of men subjected by the RUC and British army to ‘deep interrogation techniques’ at the secret interrogation centre at Ballykelly in the early 1970’s.  The case became know as ‘the hooded men’.   There’s a good investigative report on it here. Francie will speak about his experiences then and about how the British government continues to employ a more refined form of internment here today, exemplified in its imprisonment of Derry republican Tony Taylor and the more recent imprisonment of Neil Hegarty and Gabriel Mackle.

Omar Merino
Omar Merino is a Catalan Philosophy graduate from the University of Barcelona. He was actively involved in the 15M Movement, also known as the Indignados, and became a strong advocate for Catalonia’s independence after the Constitutional Court of Spain overruled the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia in 2010. Omar has been living in Derry since 2013.

Fadl Mustapha
Fadl is a Palestinian political and human rights activist and theatre practitioner.  He’s a third generation 1948 refugee and was born in Lebanon.  He lives in Donegal.

Venue: The Corned Beef Tin, Central Drive, Creggan

Admission Free, All welcome.