Film + Q&A: 5 Broken Cameras

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Winner of audience prizes around the world and long-listed for an Oscar, 5 Broken Cameras is the story of Bil’in, a West Bank Palestinian village, whose inhabitants have long been mounting a resistance to the occupation and appropriation of their land for neighbouring Israeli settlements. It is told via the footage of local inhabitant Emad Burnat, who bought a camera to make home-movies about he growing years of his new-born sone Bibreel, but soon stated to document the daily acts of defiance against the provocations by the army, police and settlers.

Over the course of several years his cameras are damaged, or even shot, but Emad, and Israeli film-maker Guy Davidi, have together shaped the hundreds of hours filmed into a compelling, stirring and moving document of the collective struggles that daringly meshed the personal easy with political cinema.

After the screening, Dr Allam Adas, a Palestinian living in Derry will be in attendance for a short Q & A on the issues raised by the film.  He will also speak of thePalestinian refugees trapped and starving in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, Damascus as a result of the civil war in Syria.

Admission: £3

Venue: The Nerve Centre