Drama: The Olive Tree

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poster of the play: "The Olive Tree"

“The Olive Tree ” by Katie O’Kelly


From a dull day in Tesco to the dusty fields of Palestine. In the blink of an eye.  What the fuck just happened?

‘She’s speaking to me. The olive tree.
Something tells me we’re not in Dublin anymore.’

Its a rainy day in Dublin. As a jaded supermarket employee rips a boycott sticker off a bottle of olive oil the Palestinian olive tree of history comes to life before her…

The play is a magic-realist journey into stories and struggles of Palestine, past, present and future.  It is also a reflection on the world of ‘intimate distance’ we are each embedded in with all the implications of our consumer choices. Though it begins in Dublin it could equally be Derry.”

We are delighted to have secured The Olive Tree as the culminating event of this year’s Bloody Sunday March programme of events.

The play is written and performed by Katie O’Kelly.

Venue: The Playhouse Theatre

Playhouse Telephone: 028 71 268027

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Admission: £8 / (£6 Concessionary)

image of Katie O'Kelly performing "The Olive Tree"

Katie O’Kelly in “The Olive Tree”