Discussion: Internment Then And Now

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Three very different stories of imprisonment:

  • Photograph of Francie McGuigan, one of the "Hooded Men".

    Francie McGuigan.

    Former internee Francie McGuigan who was one of a number of men brutalised by the British army here in the early 1970’s, which became known as ‘the hooded men’ will speak about his experiences then and about how the British government continues to employ a more refined form of internment here today, best exemplified in its imprisonment of Derry republican Tony Taylor.

  • Members of the Justice for the Craigavon 2 campaign protesting in London.

    Justice for the Craigavon 2 campaign in London.

    Joanne Donnelly, spokesperson for the ‘Craigavon Two’ campaign will outline the background to the imprisonment of the two men (Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton) and will detail the efforts of the campaign over the last number of years in pursuit of the men’s release.

  • Moazzam Begg

    Moazzam Begg

    Now working for the organisation ‘Caged Prisoners’ on behalf of the many Muslim prisoners being held in British prisons former Guantanamo Bay internee, Moazzam Begg will speak about his experiences of interrogation and imprisonment at the hands of British and American security services while also locating the use of internment by both states in a more global context.

Venue: City Hotel (Alexander  Suite)

Admission: Free