Panel Discussion 2: Towards Justice

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Towards Justice

We are living in a time when ordinary people are being coerced by government and corporate institutions. A time when our natural resources are being systemically ravaged and exploited by multi-nationals for the benefit of the few. A time when the values of accountants and bankers dictate how we all live our lives, and it’s us who are being made to pay the bill for their greed while they continue to grab more and more.

This event will draw on the experiences of seemingly disparate campaigns in search of lessons and insights that help us resist the outrages of the present and build a future without injustice.

Shell to Sea

Local residents are manhandled by Gardai outside the Shell refinery


Terence Conwayfrom the Shell To Sea Campaign in Co Mayo, will speak to the experience of the local communities 14 year non-violent resistance to Shell’s refinery and raw gas pipeline.  There are many stories of heroism and corruption here with the Irish government and the Irish courts overtly taking the side of Shell against the local population.


Dessie Donnelly launching a Report on Housing

Dessie launching a Housing Report


Dessie Donnelly from the Participation and the Practice (PPR) organisation based in Belfast, will speak about the causes and impacts of housing inequality, long-term unemployment, and welfare cuts in communities across the north. He will outline various PPR campaigns which are supporting people to hold government to account and bring about lasting change.


Belfast Says No To Fracking


Dawn Bourke, from Belfast Not for $hale will speak of the anti-fracking campaign here.  She co-ordinates the ‘No To Fracking Northern Ireland‘ Facebook page.  It is worth pointing out the  parallel madness of the system we are caught in.  It is equally set on fracturing of the bedrock of the planet that sustains us as it is on the assault on health, education and welfare, fracturing the solidarity that is the very bedrock of democracy.

Clare Daly

Clare Daly speaking in the Dail

Clare Daly TD, was elected as a Socialist Party Teachta Dála (TD) for the Dublin North constituency at the 2011 general election. She is an outspoken critic of the so called ‘Austerity Cuts’ and an advocate for a social justice that includes ordinary people.
Many other campaigns have been invited and will speak from the floor.  The event will be chaired by Eamonn McCann.




In Panel Discussion 2 on Saturday Dawn Bourke from Belfast Not for $hale talked about the many issues around environmental campaigns such as the one against Fracking. The campaign is collection signatures on a petition against fracking.

Dawn had planned to show a video but there was a lack of time. So here it is:

Annie Kia, of Lock the Gate, has been very effective in raising community support for Coal Seam Gas Free places.  (You can use the icons on the video to pop it out into its own window.)

Dawn also commended a 20-minute clip from Gasland 2 that she says concisely explains the PR war around Fracking.

Venue: Pilots Row