Book Launch: Shannon Airport & 21st Century War

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Shannon Airport and 21st Century War

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We are delighted to announce that peace activist and Shannonwatch member John Lannon will launch this important publication which he co-edited with PANA’s Roger Cole.  It chronicles the Irish government’s continued shameful misuse of the civilian airport at Shannon, allowing it to be transformed into what is, in many ways, a forward operating base for the US Military and the CIA!

The primary purpose of the publication as to document and raise awareness of the extent to which Irish values and neutrality have been eroded by the US military use of Shannon Airport.  It charts Government support for this since 2002, and examines the flawed basis upon which they’ve attempted to justify it.  The use of the airport in the illegal CIA practice of kidnapping and torture, known as renditions, is also outlined as is the cost to the Irish State for the support given to the US war machine.

Activist, academic and political perspectives explore these issues in depth.  The net result is a potent combination of insight and information that can only help to raise awareness of this vital issue, our complicity in western crimes that destabilise our world and catch us in the resulting blowback.

The booklet was published by PANA with support from the Irish Anti War Movement and Afri.  Printed copies of the 48 page booklet are available for €10 by contacting Shannonwatch or PANA. You can also download a PDF version of the booklet by clicking here.
Venue: The Central Library,
Admission Free