Bloody Sunday March 2018

Event Details

Sunday 28 Jan 2018

2.30 The March & Rally

Bloody Sunday March 2018 - We shall OvercomeForty six years ago next Sunday an estimated 20,000 people took to the Derry’s streets to march for civil rights and demand an end to internment, imprisonment without trial.

The this year’s march and programme honours the memory, courage and resolve of all those who marched that day.   As ever the march leaves Creggan Shops and winds its way to Free Derry Wall in the Bogside.

Speakers to address the rally:

Eileen McKeown daughter of Joseph Carr shot and fatally wounded in the Ballymurphy MassacreEileen McKeown, of the Ballymurphy Massacre Campaign.

Eileen is the daughter of Joseph Corr who was shot by paratroopers in the early hours of the third day of the imposition of Internment (11th August 1971). He left his house with his teenage son when he heard bin lids being rattled. Expecting that would be about Loyalists gangs attacking the area, he was taken by surprise when he spotted paratroopers making their way down Mountain Loney.  He turned to return home and was shot near the junction of the Whiterock Road. Fatally wounded he was taken to Musgrave Park Military Hospital and died three weeks later on the 27th August 1971.

Joe Delaney speaking to the media outside St Clement's Church near to the Grenfell tower block in London.Joe Delaney of the Grenfell Action Group and Justice4Grenfell

Joe was a member of the Grenfell Action Group set up to address the negligent state of the Tower in advance of the fire.  He lived on one of the three walkway blocks physically attached to the tower and lost friends & neighbours in the inferno.

The Full Programme of events preceding the march begin Monday 22nd January.  They explore legacy and contemporary justice issues which resonate with the cause of Bloody Sunday be that locally, nationally or internationally.


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