The Man With The Walls In My Head

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Bloody Sunday March Committee are delighted to be given the opportunity to host this event.  Its a rehearsed reading of a new play by acclaimed

photograph of Donal O'Kelly

Donal O’Kelly

playwright, actor and activist, Donal O Kelly.

The work is in an advanced stage of development and is an important opportunity for artists and activists alike to see a master of character, language, and stage at work.  Its one not to miss.

Arthur Balfour’s first ministerial office was Irish Secretary in the 1880s, appointed by his uncle, Prime Minister Lord Salisbury. He devised the Irish Crimes Act 1887 that included detention without trial for anyone accused of boycott. The word “boycott” was coined by the Mayo Land League five years earlier, called after Lord Erne’s agent Captain Charles Boycott. It was the first statutory attempt to suppress the tactic of mass boycott, and its marks are on attempts today in the US and EU to criminalise the BDS Movement against Israel, the state created in Palestine as a result of Balfour’s 1917 Declaration.

‘The Man With The Walls In My Head’ is an imaginary journey we take together, modelled loosely on Dante’s journey through Hell with Virgil in Inferno” – writer/performer Donal O’Kelly

Donal O’Kelly is a writer and actor who has performed several times in the Bloody Sunday March Commemoration.

First Public Reading, duration 30 mins.  Followed by Q & A with writer/performer Donal O’Kelly.

Venue:  Tower Museum, Union Hall Place, Derry