End of March for Justice 2014 addressed by Stafford Scott

Stafford Scott addressed  the rally at the end of the of  the 2014 Bloody Sunday March.  He was introduced by Bernadette McAlliskey.  Here is a video of what they said:

Stafford Scott is a community activist from Tottenham, London.   In his talk he makes many links between his experiences in London and our experiences in Derry.   He talks of  how  the state learned from what it did in Derry, and across the six counties, and how the behaviour of the state’s representatives in Derry in the 1970s connects to the Metropolitan Police’s shoot-to-kill policy, that claimed the life of Mark Duggan in Tottenham in 2012.

He sees many parallels between the lives of  people  in Tottenham  and in Derry and especially  between the campaign for justice in Tottenham and the campaigns for justice here.

He concludes the address with the slogan of Mark’s campaign:

“No Justice, No Peace, No Justice No Peace, No Justice, No Peace!  Derry I salute you  – One love, peace!”

That slogan echoes the words of Martin Luther King:

“Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice”.

We have a way to go yet and getting there concerns us all, and as Stafford says:

“It is critical that we support each other.

It is critical that we hold each other’s hands in this march for justice.”