Bloody Sunday Para killed another innocent man in Belfast

Article in the Irish News about the HET report on the killing of Ritchie McKinnie.

One of the members of the British Parachute regiment who was present in Derry on Bloody Sunday went on to shoot and kill another innocent man on the Shankhill Road, Belfast.

In the Bloody Sunday  Inquiry  he was known as Soldier 027, where it emerged that he had given an account of his role in the shooting of Ritchie McKinnie to a journalist in which he described the killing as “an enjoyable experience and one which greatly enhanced my standing within the battalion”.

In the Historical Enquiries Team(HET) investigation into the killing of Mr McKinnie, the same member of the Paras is referred to “Soldier J”.

Now a draft (HET) report recently given to Mr McKinnie’s daughter has confirmed that the 49-year-old factory manager was a “totally innocent man”.

Read the full article in the Irish News

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