Calendar of Events 2015

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You can subscribe to this calendar at the address:

Notes on Calendar Subscriptions

Depending on your calendar application and the configuration of your computer you may be able to subscribe to our calendar of events simply by clicking that link.

On some systems clicking the link may download a file which must then be imported into your calendar application in order to get all the events.

On Apple Mac OS X  with iCal – or on an iPhone,  clicking the link should “just work ” launching your iCal. If  not, then try copying that link above and then use:   “File_Menu/New_Cal_Subscription" and paste in the URL from above.  Either way, you will be able to set your calendar to take all our events and then update automatically each day, so that you get any late changes - if you leave the subscription in place you will get next year's programme as soon as it is available!

On Google Calendars  again copy the URL and then use the menu command  “Other Calendars/Add by URL (it is in the left margin of the Google Calendar webpage) and paste in the URL. (We are not sure whether  or not the Google calendar will automatically fresh.)